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I read about this when it came out and called bullshit too. Tradition in the sense of the word doesn't indicate whether it's good or bad. Turkey for Thanksgiving is a tradition, but so is killing albinos for "medicine" in Tanzania.

So Leland, if you want to continue your tradition, have at it. Just remember this moment when shark fins are only available on the black market, and you had a chance to make a difference.

Matt Martin

I just found your website. YOU ROCK Monkey face!!! I cut a pasted a few of your quotes, sent them to Leland and told him I was not going to vote for him, ooooooooooohhhh. Its time for a wake up call. I am going to start calling Chinese restaurants in the city and yell at any who are selling shark fin soup. Let’s get ready to rumble.
Matt Martin


L Yee could partly be responding because of tradition, but also for the support from the Chinese community. He also spoke out against that guy who made fun of the way Chinese speak. So, to some extent he's unifying the Chinese crowd by crying fowl,... uh, errrr,'Something's fishy'. Yeah, something's fishy. Look at the pictures!

We can't all be headed the same way; like become homogenized. But I've learned over the years, that instead of putting the brakes on, or detracting from something, it's better to 'add value'; not polarize. Or as perhaps Supervisors McGoldrick or Earlsbernd would in my words, 'put a face on it'. I haven't heard him speak or what the legislation is totally about, but from experience I know Leland Yee is no Earlsbernd or McGoldrick. Perhaps he's leaning far out there to get leverage for some positive gain.

But yeah, get your own damn shark fin.

Brett Reeder

Kirk, thank you, thank you, Call em as you see um son!



I like all the soapboxing lately. And yeah, I've had it with these rich fucks.

Just do it:


Kirk, we'll never grow tired of responsible reporting (can't belive I called it that) ...keep it up. Speaking of BullShit...how about getting Penn and Teller of BullShit fame (and much more) to take on the shark fishery or maybe the world's fisheries...

Scott Parker

You would be surprised how many wealthy, successful people in Taiwan and China believe that sharkfin harvesting is both ecological and sustainable... Somehow it managed to become "common
knowledge" that when you cut off the Shark's fins and release it, the fins grow back. Still can't believe some of the discussions I've had about this with some otherwise very well educated people.

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