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George Nicholson

I REALLY enjoy your posts. As a former home grown resident of the City, the Sunset, to be precise, I used to fish up and down the Great Highway -- and Muni pier.
As a young teen, my buddies and I would ride the streetcar and bus from the avenues down Van Ness to fish for whatever we could catch. Riding muni back, we'd be given lots of room on the bus. Guess it was the ground in shrimp on the backs of our Levis.

Keep the posts coming ---


Scott Parker

I have to agree with the above comment! Love all of your posts, of course there are some that are destined to become the stuff of legend, but even the others are still well worth reading. You have just the right mix of information, education, and entertainment in them... even and especially the videos. But then, of course, watching a video of you catching two smelt in a cast net or digging up throwback littlenecks is a great break, nay, even a vital escape, from the alternative dreary mundanity (can mundane be conjugated like that?) of another day as a plant in a cubicle farm, sallow cast from artificial lights and senses dulled from canned and filtered atmosphere, during the long hours of which the memories of natural light and fresh air fade into the recesses of the imagination in the realm of myth and fable and the natural state of existence seems to perpetually be located somewhere deep within the long dark tea time of the soul. I've said too much but really hate the thought of deleting what I wrote so lets just pretend that it's all crossed out and was simply replaced with "Love your blog posts! They keep me sane during hectic days!" :)


Jesus, Scott. That was like the most wonderfully stream of consciousness blog comment ever... thanks.

Scott Parker

Heh. I'm glad you liked it. I'm pretty sure that it's gramatically correct too, although I don't have much call to write anything so complex in my dayjob. :)

John L..

It doesn't get any better than the Monkey Faced News...I savor every posting Kirk. Keep up the fine work !

Behrouz Farsi

Got this dumb-smile on my face, heart lit up and a gleam in my eye and it's 2 freaking 30am on a Sunday - thanks again for another go Kirk. Your creative spirit is legendary... will keep flipping through the blog, still got a few hours before day break...

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