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Scott P

That was just amazing. This is going right up to the top of my list of "favorite monkeyface articles". :) Now makes me wonder if I drop my fishing line down some of these storm drains all over Fremont that have "drain to bay" posted all over them what I'll pull up...


Kirk, youre crackin me up!!! CLASSIC!


Seriously. That was just about the coolest video ever. I can't believe I never knew about urban fishin' holes!


Unreel, brah...


Extraordinary! Brilliant!
Urban geography / ichthyology at its most inspired!


"Fishing from inside your car............."

I have got to MEET this guy!

The link to this post & video is already circling the world(wide web).

craig davis

DUDE! Lets fish! Call,Sharky lets have a derby. Craig. aka ravensblack

kat m. davis

Always so good to see you in your element Kirk! Love you much, long time without seeing you, kat


When the fishin is slow (or the only fishin I do is from a computer reading other people's fishing reports), I always come back to this post and read again. NCKA loves your blog, bro.


that is ghetto fishing at it's finest! Nice work!!!!

Mike seven gill McGill

This ia awesome your my new BFF

erik shurtleff

Wow I thought I was the only one that did this!cool video I used too work at Bauers limosine on Pier 27 and I dropped a line once in one of these holes in our shop and Landed several BIG Grass Rockfish and perch,no joke I have got to find the pictures sometime and show them, this made my day!

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