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Mr Fisherman

I guess you know where the Herring are? I would give you a tip, but you must not need it. BTW, it seems like there are more Herring coming, and likely more spawns to follow(bigger spawns too, hopefully). Send me an Email, and I'll exchange info with you. I'm guessing whoever shared the latest Spawn with you requested to keep the location under wraps, which is a good thing(unless you found them yourself - still a good thing).

Scott P

Any chance of a seminar on how to catch herring? I'll wear a blindofold or undergo a selective memory erasure so as not to be able to spot burn but mainly just want to see what it's like. I don't even need 50 lbs for my freezer. 5 or 10 would do :)

By the way, what's a "trot line" that you mentioned the rockfish was stuck on in the drain? I googled and saw that it strings across a channel of water, but... who would consider crawling down in the storm drains to set them?

Once again, have to give you kudos on your post. They just keep getting better and better.

Erik Freeman

Wow that was so fucking awesome Kirk. I laughed my ass off and stained my front. Thanks!

Northern Boy

All the best right-handed fisherfolk reel conventional reels lefty. I refer you to the picture accompanying the post "Fish Nerdism etc" for irrefutable evidence.


Oh man, if I knew how to catch some herring this winter it would make some of my Swedish relatives really happy. I don't need them for bait... I just want to make some homemade pickled herring :)

Do you have any tips? Can they be caught on Sabiki's?

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