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Bill McD

I enjoyed your musings on night fish. I am a Yurok descendant and have frame netted and throw netted all my life. Have you ever seen anyone use a throw net around Sausalito during the winter herring run?. I like your A net construction and carving pics. Have you heard any news on day fish on Sonoma coast this 2010 summer?
Bill McD

henry calibozo

where can i find and purchase a A-frame dip net for me and my son do you have a email address or cell phone.
thanks for your time and patience.

henry calibozo

henry calibozo

my father took me smelt fishing long ago with this net he bought at a yard sale when i was very young i remember he would stand in the tide in his levis and catch hundreds of fish it looked jus like your A-Frame dip net I have never seen any else ever use this kind of net ever in all of my time shore fishing accept my pops, But now i know they are still around i would love to buy two for me and my son and followe that same tradition my father has shown me please email me where i can buy 2 A-Frame dip nets, my E Mail address is No1fire4hire@aol.com , thanks for your time and patience and looking forward to do business.

Henry Calibozo

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