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OMG, I love it. Your videos are AWESOME.


Jean Luc Godard never made me laugh like you do - and trust me, it is not a laugh of derision; it is more pure joie de vivre!

But now a bittersweet thought occurs: how the heck are ya gonna top this?!?! Oh, I'm sure you'll have days fishing to surpass this, but as for cinematic expression? You have quite a challenge ahead of you now, sucker ...


Yeah I know. I'm screwed. I got mondo hits on the last three posts. People like watching movies... but I simply can't do it every three days... takes a lot of time. So tomorrow it'll be back to the written word again. I actually can't believe I did two and a half movies in 3 days... having never touched that i-movie program before... just hope the readership doesn't come to expect it.


Waaha Kirk! Those herring are yummy....


Very nice again, man. Gotta love yer posts.. they fill my young mind with tons of ideas to take up all my spare time!

Emily Stucky

Hey Kirk! Thanks to facebook I found your blog. Totally amazing footage. I don't fish, and you make me want to go look for oil slicked worms and stick a line in a random hole in the cement. Very cool! I'll keep coming back for more visits. - Emily


Well done, K of the I.

Ed Nassarre

You're videos are really great. Lots of fun but very educational as well.

Catfish Ed

Joel Lotilla

Good stuff Kirk!! It was nice meeting you at the Oyster Point pier....or was it the launch ramp ;)

Joe Thornton

awesome site, love reading your posts. Thanks for the great ideas and tips!

Steve Nicholes

Hilarious videos with some good fishing tips thrown in, thats my idea of entertainment!

Fish Doc

Thanks for the great ideas. You're making me want to start my own site, although I'm not sure I could do videos as good as these, hahhaha!


Bookmarked.. thank you. You know your topic very well. I also found interesting info on http://www.rapidmediafire.com


Is it safe to fish in drains? What's the catch like, anyway, coming from a drain? Oh, by the way, great photos!

Trout Fishing Flies Guy

Hey Kirk - thanks for the interesting post... your knowledge of SF fishing is matched only by your tuba playing abilities ha ha...

Nice post


Hilarious Vid! I'm gonna have to try putting oil on my worms haha! It might be the new fishing bait ...only kidding!


Kirk...you are very nice guy. I also love fishing if there is spare time. Anytime I wanted fishing with you, definitely fun. Your video was also very funny, I liked it.

Tim The Trout

LOL!! What was all that. funny as all hell!


Have a great vacation Kirk!

Really enjoy your website. It was also great meeting you in person at pier 32 a few weeks back.

Sardines still biting?


Kirk, when do you expect the smelt to return at the beaches?

Telescoping Fishing Rod

Great video, really nicely put together and I love the herring netting at the end. That's good fishing. Well done.

Catch BIG Catfish

Outstanding vid!! That will keep me going for awhile.

Fly fish Steve

Hmm fishing in drains...
Im a fly fisherman by trade, might be a but tricky lol nice video btw

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