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When you think about it, your segue from the Apocalypse Procenium to the decline of the eulachon is on a par with your segue from Good Vibrations to Rubberlips (surf perch). The Decline of Hominid Snivelization, after all, is intricately linked to its unsustainable consumption of the resources which support it.

In listing the other things which matter in life besides fishing (music, art, books, blondes, and stogies), you did yourself a disservice - one of the things I've really been enjoying about your blog is the historical content. Granted, much of the history you include here is at least somewhat relevant to the topic of fishing (the construction of the first Fisherman's Wharf by Harry Meigs, the decline of China Basin, etc.) ... but Rats and Badgers? While the connection to fishing was a stretch of most elastic proportions, I'm certain it was an enjoyable read for all who gave it a chance. You could probably increase your blog's fan base significantly if you altered its sub-title accordingly ("Musings on the marine fish and fisheries of North Central California, and relevant social history, written by etc."). Seriously.

... and here's hoping you don't get inundated with backlash from any Mission District "butch cops" who happen to peruse the internet! While your points are well-taken but they're risky, your attempts at diplomacy not withstanding ... I can already imagine some cop angrily questioning as to why you foisted such a mess on their streets, without procuring relevant permits, etc., if you do really appreciate law and order, as stated. All that said, I wish I were back in "Mean Ole Frisco" (apologies to Muddy Waters - but NOT to Emperor Norton!) to have witnessed the spectacle of your elaborate construction. It's nice to see that the city's creative energy is still going full-swing - in no small part thanks to your efforts.

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